Why monitoring trees?

Trees are key allies in the fight against pollution and climate change.

In fact, they absorb large amounts of CO2 and emit oxygen, fundamental to the development of biodiversity and to counter the rise of temperatures.

Due to the extension of the green areas, collecting data on the tree heritage to assess their health status can be a difficult task to carry out without the right technology.

Monitoring the health status of trees allows timely activation of maintenance works, in order to protect the tree heritage and increase the safety of citizens.


TreeVoice is the IoT solution that allows a continuous monitoring of the tree heritage.

The smart device, is installed without hurting the specimen, it allows to obtain data from the tree that are immediately transmitted to the  Cloud, where they are processed and automatically turned into valuable information to assess the health status of the specimen.

Furthermore, the Cloud platform allows to generate periodic reports and notify any anomalies in real time, essential tools for technicians and agronomists to preserve promptly the safety of the tree.


To fight pollution

Trees planted in urban parks, green areas of cities and gardens, other than improving aesthetics, contributes significately to fight the pollution. They absorb 12 million tonnes of CO2 each year, almost 3% of total emissions. TreeVoice offers up-to-date data to know the state of health of trees.

For the protection of green areas

Tree heritage management is complex that requires specific analytic tools and planning, in order to improve the protection an the valorization of the green areas. That’s the reason why, smart technology are needed to achieve this goal an in particular smart IoT based solution can represent the right choice .

To reduce the risk

Provide trees with smart monitoring tools allows to  have an overall picture of the health status, in order to promptly identify situations that require interventions, in order to reduce the risk of damage to people or things.

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